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Furutech NCF Boosters
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First of all let me start with saying that I have no affiliation to Furutech or Jeandre since this will be a positive comment on the NCF boosters.

Jeandre contacted me saying that he'd like to visit me to try out the NCF boosters on my setup. I said ok, it would be nice to meet up and listen to some music but please don't expect me to buy some items that go around the power cable connectors and just lift the speakers cables from the ground. The concept sounded silly.

So, Jeandre came around we listened to Keith Don't Go and Hans Theessink St James Infirmary without the NCF boosters. We then installed the NCF boosters on the power plugs connecting to my preamp and power amp and lifted the speaker cables and placed them on the NCF boosters.

The result was astonishing, instrument separation, clarity, highs, lows everything improved. My mind still said no, this is not possible. I asked Jeandre if I could test it for a few days. The following weekend I took the boosters on and off, numerous times. The result was consistent, the sound improvement was not subtle, it was significant. So, I thought ok, let me put some bubble wrap under the speaker cables, didn't work, wood didn't work, plastic didn't work.

A few friends came over the next weekend to test a new DAC, I said guys these are NCF boosters they lift the speaker cables, would you like to try. I took them out, we listened to a classical piece and then put them back on again. Everybody's was amazed, saying vow it does actually make a difference.

So, I bought 4 units, one of my easiest buys.  I still don't know how it works but it does....Highly recommended.

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Re: Furutech NCF Boosters
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Are you able to tell the difference without knowing whether they are in use or not?   :whistler:

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