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IfI DSD Nano - Thoughts
« on: May 14, 2018, 09:44:55 PM »
Hi forumites...

Just some advice/thoughts please...

I was so tempted to buy that Cambridge dacmagic 100, but I was lured elsewhere and I just purchased an iFi iDSD Nano dac/amplifier.

It seems to be quite feature packed in terms of what it can do i.e. sampling....  oh and its portable - it has its own power source.

On the specs side, it looks very similar to a Nuprime DSD.

But alas thats as far as my knowledge goes.

I have played it temporarily on my HT setup and my Stereo setup via laptop and was suitably impressed.

I have then tried it with my desktop using the headphone amp on my Sennheiser M2's OE - I was impressed but like not that impressed....

That is until I listened with my phones play directly from the PC... What a MASSIVE difference.

I still need time to play around with it and get the right software to play my music from, I dont have JRiver and I am using windows 10 native apps - i.e. Groove.

any tips thoughts will be appreciated.

Thanks for reading and commenting in advance.

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Re: IfI DSD Nano - Thoughts
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2018, 05:38:10 AM »
that groove thing is terrible - i cant see how that works with a DAC but at any rate you should try to start off with some of the free software since IMHO Foobar2000 does everything that Jriver does and it doesnt cost a cent whereas if you want JRiver you have to pay

there is a cost to Foobar2000 and that is the learning curve ie it takes a bit of getting used to .... so i reckon just download and install Musicbee which is a far more user friendly application to use as a starting point - and then when you get used to using ASIO and WASAPI drivers then you can progress on to Foobar and its slightly more complicated setup procedure

if you want when you come over to visit me then carry your laptop with and we can install Musicbee and foobar as well and i can give you a few pointers on how to use them - then you can consider how to integrate those into your home network as well thereafter .....IMHO once you get used to using Foobar you wont want to pay for Jriver and the only thing thats realistically an upgrade is Roon but that costs like more than twice what you paid for the DAC for a lifetime licence

the idea may seem like its all difficult concepts but its easy enough once its set up - then its just use it and the only time you need to tinker is if the PC or your network goes awry ..... otherwise once you set up the library it just works - and you can also then control the app remotely via an android cellphone

as far as the iDSD goes it actually has the one advantage over my Nuprime uDSD which is the battery operation since the uDSD gets power from the source device via USB which means that the battery on the source device now lasts a shorter period of time since it powers the device as well as the DAC ..... whereas with the iDSD its battery powered and you can recharge it and the battery lasts a fair amount of time from what i have read .... it would have been nice to to get the iDSD nano black edition which is also MQA enabled in case you ever subscribe to Tidal or one of the other streaming services that use MQA but thats a new model so its more expensive than a second hand regular iDSD