Author Topic: My Sansa Clip MP3 player just crashed. Where to get a cheap replacment>  (Read 382 times)

Offline Crankshaft

Made the mistake of using windows to format the internal storage on the clip, and now it is a mini-brick that refuses to go past the blue flower when powering up.  It is also no longer recognized by my computer.

Any recommendation for a cheap (sub R300) replacement?

Offline d0dja

I had to do some serious nukage on my Clip because of internal corruption causing death. What could help is to use Rockbox to install new bootloader, and then use Rockbox firmware (I preferred it to stock) or reflash with original.

Offline Crankshaft

I opened it up and disconnected the battery.

After re-soldering the wires, it now refuses to even turn on.

Maybe it's time for a new player.
Would be happy to go a little bigger with an easier to read screen.

Any recommendations?

Offline Crankshaft