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Refresh your Planar. R3000


Do you have an older Planar 2 or 3 Turntable?
Been wondering about upgrading?
Maybe your plinth saw better days.  Bearing seen some abuse running dry? Maybe all of those?

Been thinking of aftermarket braces from arm to bearing?
That 24 volt motor kit?
A new bearing perhaps?

Well, for less than the cost of the motor upgrade you can sort it all. 

Just bring an arm, platter and lid. 

We will mount your RB202/250/251/301 etc in to a brand new never used white braced RP3 plinth with a brand spanking new bearing and a brand spanking new 24 volt motor that can be upgraded later with TT PSU. 
That means all drive parts brand new. 

I reckon the smoked plinth will be tres cool on white.

Clear lid available as an option.


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