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Digione was reviewed here,68134.0.html

You can find info on the USBridge by searching online and see this review

The DigiOne is a really fantastic little unit.

Small but noticeable improvement vs. the direct USB connection to my Aqua DAC from my Mac Mini (as Roon Core).

BTW the new Rev 1.2 board runs flawlessly; it doesn't seem to have the (over)sensitivity to ground issues of the original board (thanks for helping with this Andre).

Highly recommended.

 I'm going to try one of these.


share your feedback please and let us know if you have any issues.
the units are in stock with our distri.
for any support, contact me here!



--- Quote from: ALLO on April 02, 2018, 11:03:14 AM ---for any support, contact me here!

--- End quote ---

Hi Andre

How about some pre-sales support?

I am interested in buying a Digione transport for my Pi. My current setup is:
   A Raspberry Pi 3 (Model B Essentials Kit Boxed) connected to my LAN via Ethernet cable.
   Music is stored on a network server in FLAC format.
   The server OS is Daphile and I control everything via Squeezer app on my phone.
   The Pi is connected to a Schiit DAC via USB.
   Everything works well except for high-resolution files that click and stutter and sometimes stop playing completely.

1.   Can I use the existing Pi power supply or must I buy an Allo PSU?
2.   Your installation downloads cover DietPi and Volumio, not Daphile is it simply a case of open the Pi, attach the Digione, reassemble and play?
3.     Is this the correct case to order?

Thanks, Steve


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