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Our latest DAC is the BOSS (v1.2)
Wietsche   :notworthy: had written his review before the launch of the new BOSS (we no longer manufacture the old version).
The major difference being that you can feed power independently to the new one... no need to draw dirty power form the RPI anymore

see the awesome review here,68134.0.html

Hey ,
as several of you already know, we are soon launching the KATANA based on the ESS9038 chip and under 250$ USD...
i will share here more info.

Katana development sounds really promising.

I'm following the thread here:

hey guys
KATANA boards are in mass production!
can someone please tell me what service to use in order to upload pictures here ??

Sounds interesting  :thumbs:

You can use an image hosting site like postimage. Copy the image address,click on insert image (under the BOLD icon) and place it between Mona Lisa's [ ]  [ ]  :giggle:


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