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Hi guys,

you can read more about who we are and what we do on our site... but in a nutshell, we launched over a decade ago focusing, at the time, on voice over IP, telecom. We were providing the services and manufacturing the hardware as well.
Through the years, the focus of the company changed and for the past 3 years our dedication is designing and manufacturing the best audio streaming hardware mainly compatible with RPI.
What sets us apart is the fact that we control every aspect of our products from the idea, to design, testing, sourcing, manufacturing, QC, packing, shipping, support... Our engineers are split between Europe and India where our manufacturing facility is also located.
In the past 3 years we've launched some big products now part of our flagship fleet, such as the KALI re-clocker / PIANO 2.1 subwoofer DAC / BOSS master DAC / Digione SPDIF transporter / USBridge USB transporter and more to come...  These have made ALLO an internationally known household brand when it comes to sound quality while streaming.

We contacted to become our distributor since they are the authorized distributor  of RPI in ZA , pretty soon a member from this forum became a happy customer and wrote a review in the Digital section which was viewed over 6000 times so far.

We are present in dozen of international forums supporting these communities formed around our hardware.
Our goal is to do the same here.

So please share your feedback, comments and ask your questions.

So the member write a review now he becomes an owner .. biased or conflict of interest ?

Naaah just joking ..

Welcome and thanks for reaching out with the info of these options now available

hi there!
The member who wrote the review is Wietsche, he lives in South Africa , he introduced us to the forum.
I am Andre from ALLO... owner of everything ALLO in this forum :) is our ZA distributor.

so we are all different people !


Welcome Allo..
hope you enjoy the forum sire ..

Hey, Welcome to AVForums Allo!

I'm running one of your Allo Boss Dac's with Moode, it's a great solution, and excited about the upcoming Katana.

I bought all my stuff through PiShop, they are great to deal with, nice guys and fast delivery


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