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Chromecast Audio Issues
« on: March 01, 2018, 07:08:21 PM »
Hi guys, I'm setting up a system in my dad's bedroom and am hoping for some suggestions, I got him a Chromecast Audio that I want to use to cast his laptop's audio (basically YouTube in the browser) to the DAC, but it isn't behaving.

When the Chromecast works (from mobile apps like Deezer) it works great, I can't pick up any artifacts in the sound like I can with iffy bluetooth streaming.

The problem is I can't cast the audio from his pc using the Chrome browser to the Chromecast successfully, has anyone had success with this?
I cannot cast the tab nor the desktop's audio, I have tried all of the suggestions online.

I see there's a few software solutions that can cast the entire desktop's audio (which is ideal because it needs to be as easy as possible or he's not going to bother and the system will be wasted :roll: ), there's paid for versions and a few open source ones as well on github, not sure how safe either off these are though...

Just wanted some opinions whether or not I should proceed trying to get it to work or scrap this route before I waste time on it

Thanks :thumbs:

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Re: Chromecast Audio Issues
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2018, 01:43:17 PM »
I don't personally have the Chromecast Audio, but I do have a Chromecast V2.0. I have used it very successfully with Google Music in the past, that is until I got hooked on better quality sound files. I now have a Plex server running that streams whatever I want to watch/listen to to my Chromecast, my desktop and my wife's laptop. It works pretty damn well, but I suspect that setting this up is a bit more complicated than you have in mind.

I had some problems casting from Chromium in Ubuntu initially. I had to change something somewhere in the config, but before I go dig for that, do you mind describing the behaviour you are faced with at the moment? Can/can't you see the Chromecast in the devices list? At what point do things break?

It looks like the latest version of VLC can cast to your Chromecast:

Maybe that works?