Author Topic: Suggestions on DAC/network audio player for Valve Audio/Sonor Audio setup  (Read 566 times)

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I'm in the process of replacing stolen Steinhart + Marantz CD player with Valve Audio Exclame 150 and Sonor Audio Claros 6.2. I need advice on a sound source capable of streaming Tidal, Deezer, Google Play. No requirement for CD.
This is something I know very little about. I have a Chromecast Audio which has optical out so I guess that can take care of accessing these sound sources and bypassing the Chromecast DAC.
I have a budget of around R8k

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I could be late here, but anyway .. speak to Francois about the IfI DAC - i cannot but only praise it, and not upgrading it in my Exclame 150 setup ..
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For R8k I would hunt down a Squeezebox Classic (or Raspberry Pi / Allo DigiOne if you're that way inclined) as an LMS transport and pic up a nice used R6k DAC ... many floating around for that and less.  The Pi has the added advantage of being able to strem video as well.
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