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Bentley acoustics
« on: February 22, 2018, 01:59:18 PM »
ok all so im proud to announce that after meeting with Vaughan today and testing the speakers, We at Carpentry king will be the West rand representatives for Bentley acoustics. I will be getting one of every set tomorrow for demonstration. Please contact me if anyone wants to demo them in our home cinema setup or in a normal TV lounge setup. You can then order just the speakers from me or we can give you a quote on a fully installed home cinema. For forum members i will be giving the maximum allowed discount just because i can :dop:

Guys by appointment only please!
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Re: Bentley acoustics
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Was thinking i would do a review of these after i had some time this weekend with all of them. We will demo them in the same way next Saturday.

Start with the FR100 bookshelf's that go for R3800 (dimensions 320h x 270d x 180w) 100w 5" 2-way 45hz-40000hz - 89db
Out the box they start to impress, heavy and not small at all, build is good for a speaker of this price! I like the white but most will go for the black. Very easy to setup.
I start my normal test tracks and the first thing you notice is the presence, they sound warm and full of detail. Feels more like a floor stander then a bookshelf. Then the bass, i could not stop thinking how do they get it out of one small speaker. I had my dad next to me and he wanted to take them home with him.

Next i hooked up the FS110 that go for R8000 (dimensions 880h x 270d x 200w) 140w 6" 2.5 way 40hz-40000hz - 89db
Strait away its the same but more and bigger and yet again i cant stop thinking how on earth does a sound like this come from a speaker this small and at this price. Bass is tight and high's are clear, effortless sound with a warm natural presence.

Then i take the FS120 out the box that go for R10900 (dimensions 1020h x 320d x 200w) 160w 6" 3-way 35hz-40000hz -89db
Now for most this will be enough and i think this will be there best selling speaker. I dont even know where to start it so good. I have had speaker of 35k on rotel 1090 that is also 35k that does not sound like this 11k speaker on a 7k receiver. Its vodoo at its best if i have to put it into words. Still the same warm sound and crystal clear highs but with bass that sends one to look for the subs, you can feel the music and it moves the hairs on you're body(be it by force or pure enjoyment)

Lastly on the monsters FS150 that go for R13000 (dimensions 1200h x 380d x 250w) 180w 8" 3 way 25hz-40000hz -89db
If you have a big room go for these, they are big, heavy monsters. Punch like a Mike Tyson but can do it all day long. They sound a bit different then the rest in the way that you would want you're flagship to be. Just a bit more of everything! Guys you do not need power amps for these they run just fine on a receiver trust me. You do not need a sub, now i know a lot of people say this but you do not. I put them next to my Jamo 608 with built in 10" subs on a power amps and the Jamo's sound like they need to go back to the shop for some upgrades. No contest :sh1tstirrer:

Then for the HT guys the center c150 price R4000 (dimensions 650w x 150h x 120d) 120w 3-way 5 drivers system 4" 40hz-40000hz 89db)
Now for me the down side is the size, because its 5 drivers you need the 650 wide, does not fit my HT cabinet but i will soon make it happen. For now its in my 2nd setup with the 110 and 120. I have not put it on serious demo because of this but i have watched a few series with all the other speakers and its very very good, most of all the the crisp detail. Where most centers for me fall flat is the lack of open wide scale, they tend to feel compressed for me. Now this does not and it must be because of the 5 drivers. Voices feel deep while the rest feels open and big. You can hear a pin drop with extreme detail while not loosing anything on the rest. Fast and accurate! I still need to test it next to my custom RTi-A6 that is my favorite center speaker, so will give a proper review once that is done.

Package deals:
FS110P 5 speakers R12900
FS120p 5 speakers R15500
FS150p 5 speakers R18500

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Re: Bentley acoustics
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All for R16990 how is this for value :dop: