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I am proud to announce that Analogue Apex also now retails the Morrison Audio Model 29 speakers directly from Mr. Don Morrison at

"The Model 29's are second to none in creating the illusion of a live un-amplified event in your listening room.
No other speaker system at any price can even remotely approach the imaging ability of this new model.
I am deeply indebted to audio designers such as Stewart Hegeman, Paul Voigt, Peter Lowther, and others, for paving the way for me to evolve the speakers to their current state.
The goal for these 83 + years has been singular. That is, to park the illusion of musicians performing in your living room. The laws of physics and acoustics and a love of music being the constant guide. The Morrison Model 29 is the result."

Pricing will be US$ 9500.00 per pair (They require active crossovers and Bi-amping)

All prices invoiced in ZAR will incl VAT. Applicable exchange rate at time of purchase.

Remarkable looking, tosay the least of it. I can quite believe the claim of great sound illusion. Would dearly like to listen to those with appropriate amplification

They have quite a following in Canada and the USA. Don is also a real blue collar no nonsense kind of guy with some straight talk about the modern audio industry. The model 29 represents completely redesigned bespoke low and high frequency drivers in infinite baffle cabinet designs. You can have it in any colour as long as it is high gloss black!

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