Author Topic: Fellow citizens, my twenty forty two imbongis and in fond memory of Khwezi...  (Read 280 times)

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"I heard your pleas not to desert you in your hours of need. I also heard your pleas not to "Pay Back The Money" which I will gratefully accept.

Please bear with me while I address you in Zulu first as I'm a 100% Zuluboy. I am also going to address you in Shona, Arabic, English, Russian, Swahili and Fanagalo.

It is tearing my heart apart that I cannot for the life of me understand why such an overwhelming part of the population of our dear country wants me to stay on as your uBaba and Leader and I am humbled by this. I have grown very tired of counting R200 notes which have been thrown at me and even stuffed on my Boss suits' pockets and even by supplicant admirers stuffing my Guccis with  praise money.

And in conclusion - to dear old Cyril McBuffalo - all is fair in love and war - a famous quote by Paul Kruger - a white (nogal) boer from Soutpansberg."


PS " I'll be back"...

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Jacob Zuma resigns and the Rand roars to R11.66/$

Keeping my eye on it. Just before it it was 11.72, lets check today when the market opens. Where watching Stortkop reading his story book because every 5th word he page over, but I think more it was pictures on that Page's that he was reading.
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Good drivers have dead flies on the side windows. (Walter Röhrl)