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Re: Cellphone upgrades
« Reply #15 on: January 18, 2018, 09:47:43 AM »
I have settled on Samsung and decided to wait until end feb when the S9 arrives. Jan is almost over anyway and might as well see whats on offer then.
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Re: Cellphone upgrades
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Re: Cellphone upgrades
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I was a bit late - but I was also going to recommend this.

Battery life is actually amazing, as is the camera. DXO has rated it as the 2nd best camera for stills ever tested, juuuust behind the iPhone X.

Apple are great phones - but their software lets them down. They always say if you want to know what features to expect in the next version of iOS, check out the past version of Android ;) Their technology is always a generation or two behind, and they need to close that before I show interest personally.

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Re: Cellphone upgrades
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honestly speaking - i would not buy cellphones on contract nowadays even though it allows you to pay over staggered payments for the phone - I have now found that you can get excellent phones that will compete with the best at half the price of the absolute best - for example the Iphone X is around R23k for the top of the range while the Samsung Note 8 which is considered to currently be the best android phone in the market currently starts at around R16k

meantime you can get phones like the Xiaomi Mi mix 2 or even the Mi 6 for less than half the price of the phones i mention above as class leading models, and both those models will compete favorably .... not to mention the OnePlus 5T which is an absolutely amazing phone .... the pricing being really low though depends on if you self import from companies like Geekbuyking or Gearbest and you can then get these phones for around the same price as a Samsung Galaxy J7 prime

if you are stuck in the cycle of buying on contract then I suppose i would get the latest Note model because i like Androids features and i also like the variety of the apps (despite the fact that i like apple for the express purpose of using as a phone) but personally nowadays i wont buy a phone on contract so i would look for phones with functionality that would rival the class leaders at far lower pricing .... right now all i could afford was a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 but given how cheap that was and yet to still have the functionality that it does it actually opened my eyes to the availability of much cheaper socalled "no name brands" that can give the "Best" a run for the money without having to spend "warehouse full" amounts of cash .... and in and around 2 years from now (or basically when i can afford the upgrade) i will definitely be looking at the flagship models from one of those no-name brands 

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Re: Cellphone upgrades
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^^^ I agree with the general sentiment of this post. A lot of the features in flagship phones we never get to use to their potential. Like quad HD display.

Back when I had a Samsung S3, my wife's phone went in for repair. We got a loaner, which was an LG. While setting it up for her, I was struck by how much it did _not_ suck. Up to that point, I believed that Samsung was the only brand worth owning. That was when I became aware of the offerings from other brands.

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