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My father was there for work about 6 month's ago, His words"  :cr@p: place to go and there is more holiday's then work there and bribing is massive!!" Even the cop's ask money if you ask them were a place or a road is what you looking for. The other trick they have there is, the people like to walk in front of your moving car, that you can hit them and they can bribe you, if you don't then you end up in the wrong places.
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There were three other European men in court the same day as my mate.
No interpreter was on hand so nothing said had any meaning to any of them.
My mate was let go without bail. The others had to pay between R25,000.00 and R100,000.00 bail each that day for the same offence.

No way to tell what way thing go. Mozambique has seen the last of my family, friends and all our overseas visitors.
They could not wait to get on a plane and leave for good.

So, that was 4 gents arrested for the same thing at separate places in court together. God knows how many more kids are sacrificed so the parents or family can profit!
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