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Re: Headphone Amp Advice
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Check out the SMSL DAC amps.  shenzenaudio.  Reviews /etc on for most of them.

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Re: Headphone Amp Advice
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to the opening poster .... i see that you live in Durban .... if you like you are welcome to visit me and check out how the uDSD works as well as how a bluetooth set of AKG headphones works wirelessly as well as wired together with the DAC or even my Sennheiser HD555 (with the 595 mod) works

while a Nuprime uDSD is now more expensive than it used to be you do occasionally find them at around R1500 or thereabouts second hand (a buddy of mine just bought one from another buddy for R1500 which wasnt being used regularly so it was fairly new)

i reckon that if you do listen over headphones regularly you will definitely benefit from saving a wee bit more and getting a decent portable DAC that you can carry around and use without having to connect to a fixed power outlet (either powered by USB or ... even better powered by a battery that you can recharge when it completely discharges)

BTW dont get me wrong ... i'm not trying to force you into the uDSD direction but merely stating that a more portable option is probably desirable if you want to use at it at more places than just at home
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Re: Headphone Amp Advice
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I have the E18 and love the thing.  I would suggest Fiio