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A few days ago, I was saying goodbye to some family members. And during the goodbyes and all the hugs and kisses, a guy comes running up to me and says there is a box next to the car a bit further down the road and it has dogs in it.

More hugs and kisses and a final goodbye to my cousin and his family. Wait! did that guy just say there is a box with dogs next to a car wheel? WTF. I take a walk down the road and this is what I find. Now you tell me, how is this even possible? Just look at them

Im seriously looking but don't see "them"  :nfi:


--- Quote ---Im seriously looking but don't see "them"  :nfi:
--- End quote ---

Im sorry about that. This is the box I found. Couldnt just leave them there. Just after 9 the evening I took them to SPCA Grassy Park. There was some serious growling and bullying go on in that box lol. But I do hope they find a loving home. Whoever did this is a piece of  :cr@p: and deseves to  :flame: in hell.

Thatís insane! Person responsible needs to be shot. I guess its a blessing they were not thrown out a moving car like the cat my wife rescued from certain death when that happened on Ontdekkers round right outside her office window.
She thought at first they had thrown rubbish out the car until a stray dog started attacking the bag.

She ran out to see and found a cat inside, hips both broken and in bad shape. 11 years later, the cat is still inn my home and very happy to be here along with another 8 rescue animals. These people know others will take pity and look after the animals. It does not however excuse their shocking actions.

The world is in a sad state I tell you  :vsad: :vsad: I really wanted to keep them. They were tog te poenang lol But alas, I just took in a wanderer.


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