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Compact sub with a column array build- advice welcome
« on: November 17, 2017, 10:39:35 AM »
Apologies if some these questions have been asked/answered before elsewhere.

I'm a solo pro musician in Somerset West Cape Town area and in the past have owned a Bose L1m2 system which I liked very much, but need something about 10db louder(125db continuous vs Bose L1m2's 115db continuous) I am looking at building/having someone build a similiar design but more powerful passive system. My budget is around R10 000.
I have 2x Synq 1k0 digital amps at my disposal(300w@8ohms, 500w@4ohms, 1000w bridged @8ohms rms) so, 2x1000wrms.

My smaller gigging amp is a Yamaha emx 512 powered mixer(2x300wrms@4ohms) I also have a Behringer active x-over. For the low-power gigs I would like to be able to just use the Emx512 to power the system without a x-over, so I would also look at a High and lowpass passive filter in the sub and column.Hopefully the system won't need radical dsp correction, otherwise I won't be able to use it for small gigs with my EMX512 which only has a basic graphic.

The sub should hopefully not weigh more than 25-27kg and be carryable with one hand. Probably 2x10" or 1x12" Ideal dimensions would be around 35w x 55h x 50d. I would like it to give smooth even bass response  40/45hz- 200hz . Crossover point will probably be around 200hz. The target spl would be at least 125db continuous.

I've already done quite a bit of homework and it seems a sealed cab will get me the most even response and be the most compact as well as the easiest to build/design, a Bass Reflex will be more efficient by roughly 3db but bigger cab. I'm investigating a Tham 12 (tapped horn) which is very compact(55x50x35) and extremely efficient(100db )regardless of driver sensitivity, but am concerned about the upper extension(120-200hz) which would have to be radically tamed using dsp of sorts.
I've looked at various drivers by Faital, Eminence and also investigating Car speaker drivers. The last of these are quite a bit cheaper but don't have the sensitivity of pro audio drvers. The Pioneer subs have "in car" specs (95db sens +-1.5db, 20-220hz +-20db @1w,) I don't know how these specs relate to a cabinet in half-space.
Any recommendations? I f I could find a compact sealed/ported 2x10 , 1x12 or even 2x12 that would do 125 db cont 45-200hz it would be great.

The column will probably use 12X Faital 3 or 4" full-range speakers. I would like to try and angle the column speakers off-centre l/r like the Bose L1m2 to get close to 180 degree dispersion.I have heard a lot of column systems that have their spkrs all firing forwards and they seem to suffer from hf beaming unless fitted with phase-plugs. I know many out there disagree with the Bose "articulated array" in that it should cause lobing etc. but I've used the Bose and it sounded fine to me.
The column will be 12x30w(91db sens each)=360wrms and should produce around 124/5 db cont. 200hz-18khz.

Any feedback/advice would be welcome, especially regarding the sub.

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Re: Compact sub with a column array build- advice welcome
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Well, this is embarrassing!   :facepalm:
I forgot I actually posted something very similiar a few months back..still doing my homework.
Apologies all.

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Re: Compact sub with a column array build- advice welcome
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Did you eventually get something sorted out?

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Re: Compact sub with a column array build- advice welcome
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the EV evolve 50 fits your spec perfectly..except for budget