Author Topic: THAM12 Tapped horn sub in Cape Town area?  (Read 1527 times)

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Re: THAM12 Tapped horn sub in Cape Town area?
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PsyClown - I decided to try this particular  speaker because the specs looked good (xmax around 10mm, Bl around 20,freq range below 40 etc)and I wanted to hear what the tapped horn would sound like more or less before I spent money on a more expensive driver.  I haven't been able to do a sim on Hornresp (still learning to work with incomplete Ts driver values). I haven't pushed it yet but so far it hasn't sounded bad at all as part of my live performance setup (Wharfedale Titan 12 and 8 tops)and I'm thinking it might do 124-126db continuous 50hz-150hz using an active crossover without needing much dsp correction.(@ around 250-400wrms!) Just waiting for my Behringer deq2496 to return from repairs so I can actually see what the frequencies are doing. I looked at the frequencies using a phone app though, and they seem to be present in abundance all the way down to 40hz..

Alright, interesting.

Well it is good to hear that it is working well for you so far, as long as you are happy with the sound I guess how flat it is or how low it goes does not really matter all that much?

Pitty you're all the way in Cape Town, otherwise I'd have been able to assist with some measurements and such.
Would have been nice to hear it as well.
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Re: THAM12 Tapped horn sub in Cape Town area?
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No pics = no speaker...

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