Author Topic: Acoustically Transparent Projection screen material - DIYers!!  (Read 4801 times)

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Acoustically Transparent Projection screen material - DIYers!!
« on: November 25, 2010, 02:50:31 PM »
Hi Chaps,

I know recently there have been a few comments on here about DIY screens - so thought this might give you all another angle, and allow a bit for experimentation with A/T materials (for those of you who still swear by non-perf screens for good image quality..... and thus totally dire soundstaging!  ;D ;))

I only usually sell this material directly to dealers who make up their own screens, but knowing the creative geniuses that are on this forum (geniuses is correct i checked but shouldnt it be, like, geniuii?!) there might be a few of you who would appreciate the ability to take the step towards the A/T experience.

I've also posted a link to the panamorph site where they actually have a pdf on how to build a DIY curved screen (for use with their anamorphic lenses at shorter throw ratios and where pincushion needs to be avoided). Its very similar in concept to how I have built screens in the past - its not too difficult.

Anyways, here is a small image of what standard perforated material (such as Stewart), etc will look like, versus what the woven material looks like.


Price is R 895 per linear metre and the material is big enough to make up to a 110" 16x9 AR screen (when you've included the necessary 15 degree tilt to avoid moire issues (if you might have any). For custom AR's  please PM me and I can work out what you will require - eg for 1.33 (I'll probably tell you to take a hike though! lol) and for 2.35 (anamorphic).

e.g. 110" HD screen - 2.79m wide is 3.35 metres of material - R 3 333.25.

As we're looking at also doing the forum members a special not only on the pricing, I'll be nice and throw in any shipping as well... (the packages tend to be 2.5m long and have to be nicely handled - which I'm happy that my couriers do well)

If anyone is interested please PM me the details and i can work out relevant sizing for you.

Any questions - just post them here and I'll be happy to help out!
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