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Re: HDMI Cables (again)
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netflix 4k content you need at least a 20mb fibre line
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Re: HDMI Cables (again)
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Please help me understand the bandwith. For the life of me I can't understand the 4K standard. I bought some native 4K content, the movies are around 60 Gb for 2 hours play (No extra content). If you transfer that amount of data over 2 hours it comes to around 68 gigabit per second bandwith if my calculations are correct? I may be calculating this incorrectly, how many data can an 18 Gbps cable transfer over 2 hours? Can this be the source of my buffering issues on HDMI? If this is true 4K what is it that Netflix claims to be 4K since there is no way I am getting 60 Gigabite through a phone line in 2 hours?

I think you're talking speed and storage.

18 Gigabit per second

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Re: HDMI Cables (again)
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On the Hisense tv remote, if you press info in netflix while you watching something, it will show the ratio and download speed of what you watching in top left corner. So far we get smooth 4k on a 10mb fibre line.
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