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Aha - Analogue

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I bought this cd about a year ago and listened to it once. I was disappointed with the sound as it sounded as if there was some "white noise" added to the recording.

Tried it again last night using my new CDP and I then realised that the "white noise" was actually part of the music. I can't properly describe it, but there are parts where it sounds if as percussion is played using drumsticks and brushes simultaneously. On other tracks there are combinations of accoustic guitar and "fuzz boxes".

The end result is a very good album, but you can easily mistake parts of music as noise if your setup is not up to scratch. I cannot properly describe the sound without sounding like so many "Hi Fi" reviewers using words such as "multi-layered sound", etc ;D

mmmm, I thought it would take something wierd to make Aha sound good  :P :P ;D ;D


--- Quote from: skinnyfat on May 31, 2007, 06:04:36 AM ---mmmm, I thought it would take something wierd to make Aha sound good  :P :P ;D ;D

--- End quote ---

Go away you! Far away!  ;D

Leave us "ou Ballies" alone to reminisce about the 80s ;) Strangely enough I bought the CD on recommendation of a guy in his 20s who enjoys "Alternative" music and I used to enjoy Aha many years ago ;)

Hey, you wanna 'take on me' ?? LOL  I enjoyed the 80's as well. Guns n Roses, Sisters of Mercy, Aerosmith, Judas priest.

Pffft Aha :vomit:

 ;D ;D ;D

I will "Hunt you high and low" ;D

Nothing wrong with your list from the 80s :)

My wife never knows what to expect when I open the CDP's tray ;D It could be anything from Choral music to Norah Jones to Kaizer Chiefs to Led Zeppelin ;D


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