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Kom nou. The last update was "new products for 2016". :sulky:


Well, there is this little thing happening right now. The new Exclamé 150 with MC/MM inputs
Took a while, but boards in hand now. Just a couple of days and we slap the cute little bottom to hear the first gasp for air. Hopefully not a scream or a shout, but more like an Angel  :groovy:

 :drool: This will be truly special if the previous incarnations of the Exclame are anything to go by.

I was thinking ‘where should I put this?’ and hope Schalk will not mind it here.  I’ve been using the Exclame 150 with phono stage (s) for a good few months now, first was the prototype, then Schalk improved the phono stage (the MC step up) and I’ve been listening for about a month on the final (well, I expect Schalk may tinker but no need to) version.

I’ve got two TTS (Garrard 301 with golf club SME arm and Pickering XSV5000 MM, and AR ‘The Turntable’ with AT1100 arm and Ortofon Vivo Blue MC) on it along with Rega Apollo R CD player, Nak BX300 tape deck and a Schiit DAC (which I admit to not really trying too much) output through Tannoy XT6FS.

The amp is totally silent on the inputs at normal listening levels (there is very minor noise on the MC at levels that would have me removed by the police before play.  When playing music, detail is fantastic.  It shows how much you can get out of a cartridge or quality CD in terms of clarity, separation and soundstage.  The music just sounds as though the band are there.  Klaus Schulze on vinyl is so detailed, as are Tangerine Dream (either on MM or better on MC), the dynamics are superb, the music is alive.  Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions on CD is almost in 3D, clear, as recorded and as though you are sitting in the church.  Dub Reggae hits the lows with no bass distortion, classical hits the highs with no sibilance.

All in all - an amplifier of note.  The Exclame 100 was wonderful the 150 as great, the addition of the phonostage elevates the amp to a new level as the onboard stage beats most externals I have heard at more than double the extra price by a country mile (and you can run both MM and MC with the flick of a remote button).

Thank you Schalk.  :notworthy:


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