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So I got to do some servicing on a slightly older "one off" that I did a couple of years ago... I x noisy PRP resistor, and a 555 timer on one channel gone poof... 
7 channel x 200 that I did for a very lucky customer (lucky, because if I had known how much time and work it would take, it would not have happened)
Never, Ever shall this be repeated  :sulky:

55 Kg of pretty decent movie sound this turned out to be though. Modular output stages with driver stages and power supplies on one large mother board. Hybrid of course  ;D

That faceplate is simple and elegant.
So how many randzelas would bend the rubber arm   :mates: worth a try.

As usual the innards are a work of art. When building this master piece did you base or compare to any other HT amp?

Valve magic movies would be a treat to have a listen.

Oh WOW !!!

What a beauty  :drool: :drool:

Brilliant, that must be one very happy customer.

What a beautiful piece of work :clap:


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