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I am looking at ordering this:

Small fun project for my office. (At least it is something better to look at than lines the whole day).

But I need a power supply for it.
Any advice or links please.

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Power supply is a center-tapped or dual secondary transformer with enough current. (3A for amp and >0.5A for tubes, so approx 63VA at least)

It is going to be tricky getting the secondaries to stay within 18-19V AC.

2 secondary winding can be made centre tapped by taking the correct phase/s and tying 1 pair. This can be determined by measuring the AC voltage across a wire from each single wire until double the AC voltage is achieved.

From looking at other sources the 2 6J1 tube heaters are put in series and is rectified/smoothed to DC and dropped via resistor to around 12V. If fed by a 12AC secondary the filament buck resistor value needs to be changed.

There may be good substitutes for 6J1 tubes.

see :
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