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Does anyone know where I can source a decent quality, reasonably priced sous vide circulator locally. Something like an Anova,  Gourmia or ChefSteps.
The ones from Importitall are all 110V.




They only list the one immersion unit there at an eyewatering price. I'm resisting getting a bath unit due to ts lack of versatility and some have mentioned poor temperature control.

Bring it in direct via amazon UK?

The circulators tend to push your bag up against one side of the unit itself, which can result in uneven cooking as one side is always adjacent to the element/pump.

Whilst you are buying - purchase suitable cooking bags as well. Ziploc bags are not safe to cook in, neither is anything made by crown national.

I bought the Anova two years ago and cannot recommend it enough. It has worked in my restaurant daily for 18months of that time, used by different people of different skill level and continues to function perfectly.

Anova does not ship to South Africa anymore, but they do still manufacture the 220v model.

As mentioned by Trompie, bring it in via or even

I have had zero issues with circulators causing uneven cooking - be sure to pack your items properly in the bath.

 It is also possible to "fabricobble" a good sous vide bath out of a slow cooker, I have made two of them and they function perfectly for longer cooks where temeprature accuracy within 3 or so degrees is acceptable (short ribs, lamb necks, etc).


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