Author Topic: THIXAR launches new SMD Ambitious MkII passive decoupling/damping hifi racks  (Read 975 times)

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THIXAR has announced the launch of their new luxuriously-made SMD Ambitious MkII passive decoupling / damping HiFi Racks.

(see THIXAR introductory post for more info on the company)

The adverse effect of vibrations on electronic components, ceramics, crystals and conductors (to name a few) are well documented in various technical publications.

Hifi equipment are thus also highly sensitive to internal and external vibrations that ultimately impairs sound reproduction. The better the equipment, the more it suffers. Be it component resonances, sound waves or subsonic noise all have the ability to degrade the performance of your hifi equipment.

THIXAR have designed their SMD Ambitious MkII hifi racks from the view that absolutely no vibrations should reach the equipment. So how do they achieve this? By optimum decoupling of the device with their special gel-based floating technology.

The fact that high-end hi-fi equipment tends to show a highly sensitive response to whatever it is standing on is not a secret. Both solid-state and tube amps as well as analogue turntables, in particular, can only reveal their full potential if they can do their work undisturbed from any vibration. Only then can you experience the sense of space and the full dynamics and richness of detailed sound in audiophile splendour.

The new THIXAR SMD Ambitious MkII hifi rack range is based on their highly successful Silence equipment base. In doing this, THIXAR have focussed on isolating the surface on which the equipment stands from vibrations of the shelf beneath, thereby minimising the amount of external vibrations affecting the equipment.

In this new design, an advanced version of their unique gel base is used. The full area of the mounting surface is borne by a gel layer, which achieves a perfect damping of the mounting base in a way that is also targeted towards eliminating vibrations of the equipment itself.

Additionally, every platform is separated from the bottom by four specially constructed decoupling elements. Their special design guarantees that resulting resonance frequencies are below 10Hz independent of applied load.

Available Versions:

1 x 3 (single stack, 3 platforms) (63 x 58 x 72.5cm) (W x D x H)

1 x 4 (single stack, 4 platforms) (63 x 58 x 102.5cm) (W x D x H)

2 x 4 (dual stack, 4 platforms) (122 x 58 x 102.5cm) (W x D x H)

3 x 2 (triple stack, 2 platforms) (181 x 58 x 42.5cm) (W x D x H)

Finishes: High-Gloss Black, High-Gloss White, High-Gloss Pearly Grey, High-Gloss Veneers (Ash tree, Walnut), High-Gloss Carbon

More information on our website; or drop me a PM.

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