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"alternative" recorded cds
« on: April 14, 2017, 04:38:13 PM »

i suspect that i am breaking the rules here - mods please feel free to delete if you wish..

i was tidying up today & saw that i still have a whole bunch of the old "cd tree" recordings from the old days when we had to post music via the post office. when we could still use the post office.

i have not listened to these in many years, have no intention of listening, and no idea if they still play.

+/- 100 discs at a very rough guess - free for collection in centurion, provided you take all of them. i am sorry - i am not prepared to ship them.
sq varies from soundboard to portable recorder - anyone remember the old glasses with a microphone in each corner you could get to record stereo???    :BWAHAHAH: :BWAHAHAH: :BWAHAHAH: :BWAHAHAH:

is it just me or have bitcoin people gone a bitquiet because its a bitdown? #bitter