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Crazy Monkey Presents: Straight Outta Benoni


Caught this on the box last night. I must say, it was a total surprise, but I really enjoyed it. Now, I realise that most people prefer that American crass in-your-face humour (complete with food fights, swearing and sexist antics), so I may appear a bit of an odd-ball here.

Nevertheless, the humour was subtle and tasteful (so Eddie Murphy fans, this one's not for you). I think the producer/writers deserve a lot of credit here for not jumping on the "South Africa's own..." bandwagon. Every now and then I'm pleasantly surprised by low-hype TV flicks, and this is one of them. There were perhaps only two or three really side-splitting moments, and maybe some repeats of the same situational comedic formula, but on the whole I found it quite entertaining.

I found it to be quite the opposite!! I really wanted to like it, as you could almost see a bit of my house in it (OK, only joking  ;D ;D), but I ended up turning it off after 30 minutes. The only funny part up to that point was the klerks comment after the constable left the fancy dress shop!

maybe I just expected too much...

Well, different strokes...

I must say that I did not expect much. Our English films are traditionally rather synthetic compared to the Afrikaans offerings, IMO.


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