Author Topic: Moving from Omkyo TXNR1010 to Marantz processor and power amp - what improvement  (Read 1457 times)

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Anyone moved from a AVR similar to the Onkyo TX-NR1010 to something similar to a Marantz 8003 or AV7005 processor? What differences did you hear? I have monster NAD M25 power amp hooked up to the Onkyo as the processor. But I'm wondering about going to a dedicated processor. Any comments are appreciated

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I Have the Marantz 8003, with 2 Rotel power amps 1075.

according to my research this should be a great combination, however and this i wanted to post on the forum i think my speakers is the problem.  I have 2 x Infinity reference 6 front, Mission center, Mission 734 standing rears, Infinity ref 1 satellites back, Rel storm sub and another custom build low base sub for movies. 
my system not setup correctly

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I moved recently from an Onkyo to a Denon, as has been my experience in the past, if there's a sonic difference when set to playback neutrally it's not one I've noticed.

What does make a noticeable difference though is the improvement Audyssey XT32 brings over the previous AVR's XT - did a much better job of EQ'ing my dual sub setup (volume now stays consistent down to 20Hz, whereas previously the volume rose as the frequency dropped).

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Was just looking at this thread...I've only had Yamaha AV amps, recently shifted to Yamaha CX-A5100 processor, and there are nuances and subtleties that the processor extracts vs the amp I had, admittedly I went from the 3067 which was the flagship around 5 years or so ago.....