Author Topic: Furutech Home Audio – an introduction  (Read 1121 times)

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Furutech Home Audio – an introduction
« on: February 21, 2017, 11:11:11 AM »

Not that Furutech really needs an introduction, but hey, why not!

Furutech, based in Japan and founded in 1988, designs and manufactures an extraordinary range of ultra-high-end performance audio/video cables, audio accessories and power solutions.

Their mission is to manufacture the absolute highest quality products imaginable, whatever the effort involved, and offering them at a price/performance ratio that deeply satisfies every customer.

During manufacture, all metal parts are treated with Furutech's proprietary two-stage α (Alpha) Cryogenic and Ring Demagnetization Process to ensure that all connectors, conductors and metal parts are kept in a perfect stress-free, stable and highly conductive state.

Furutech's top range cables (interconnects, speaker and power) offers proprietary designs of extremely high purity Furutech α (alpha) Nano-gold-silver-OCC (single-grain-copper) conductors.

Furutech's top range Piezo Ceramic non-magnetic rhodium-plated Carbon Fibre power connectors and power accessories now features a patented Nano Crystal2 Formula (NCF) that eliminates static, "interconverts" thermal-, mechanical- and electrical energy; and damps vibrations - all for the finest and purest transmission signal imaginable!

Furutech also offers a full line of elegantly engineered and designed audio/video accessories (banana, spade, RCA, XLR, etc) and passive power distribution- and filtering components that are manufactured with an attention to detail that cannot be rivalled. Furutech knows each and every part of the chain, no matter how small, is as important as the next, so they lavish maximum attention on all aspects of AC power transfer. As with cables, the separate parts go through the complete Alpha Process, and also benefit from the effects of GC-303, an applied proprietary material that absorbs EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). Their Reference Line of cables and interconnects also include this anti-EMI technology.

Furutech’s total awareness and devotion to detail results in a musical experience with greater sense of power, dynamics and resolution; as well as for cleaner, blacker backgrounds and a larger, more stable soundstage, vivid tonal colours and deeper extension at both ends of the frequency range.

Make a More Powerful Connection with Furutech!

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Re: Furutech Home Audio – an introduction
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2017, 09:04:09 AM »
Hi Jeandre,

Just a quick note on the latest and best sounding acquisitions to my audio toys  …….

Do cables really make a difference in a good sound system, let’s see where we get to after this tale? I was never a firm believer that cables made a significant difference in a sound system, and in the early years only chased down and upgraded to the best equipment that I could afford.
Then a friend brought around a pair of high end interconnects from Audioquest (Lapis), and mmmmm there was a discernible improvement, and so the journey began, but was strictly limited to interconnect and speaker cables. Again some 10 years ago, with my system evolved to reasonable high end status, a dealer friend of mine convinced me to try power conditioning, and a moderate upgrade of all power cables, and I was genuinely surprised at the margin of difference this made.
All of this led to a lot of research and reading on the internet, and trawling through the love/hate minefield of cables, specifically in the high end forums. I eventually ended up with all Cardas and Analysis plus top line cabling, and was almost content with the sound, which I always benchmark against live performances, and attend these whenever I can.
So the search continued, and eventually I came across the Furutech Flux line and purchased the Flux speaker cables and interconnect, and was seemingly content, until Jeandre brought across the new Nano Flux power cable, initial listening showed major improvement with just the first power cable from wall to power distribution replaced. Then came 320 hours of hell to run the PC in, and in this period it generally sounded terrible (I nearly gave up on them here), however once they passed this mark the cable was a revelation. What it brought to the show was unrivalled dynamics, expanded staging in both depth and width, as well as adding an extra finesse to the sound – needless to say the cable stayed.
The next new visitors were the Nano Flux speaker cables, which Jeandre kindly ran in before handing over, a great relief as I did not want to go through the run in blues again. These cables are the most neutral and transparent I have ever heard, and have added an openness and fluidity in the ebb and flow of the music I have never heard before – fantastic. Music now just flows effortlessly from a pitch black background, with huge dynamics and finesse that is akin to live performances, audio nirvana indeed. Now to wait for Furutech to release the Nano flux interconnects…….
The Nano range is not cheap, but by comparative high end comparison, they are an absolute bargain in price to performance ratio – to exceed them you would have to move to Odin 2 range from the competitor at really silly money!
Keep up the good service Jeandre, and bring us more of the same going forward.

Best regards,