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Agreement for Commercial Members listed herein
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The following forms the basis if the current Commercial Member Agreement. It has been carefully thought out to the mutual benefit of both Commercial Member and Forum Members. There have been changes made to the original document and further changes may be made in the future, if in the interests of the forum as a whole.


Should a person apply, or be deemed fit for membership of the Commercial Member, that person must adhere to the following document. He/she is required to agree to this by return of email, preferably on their Company letterhead to confirm this is not a fly-by-night application.


AV Forums SA Commercial Member Disclaimer document.

Definition of the Commercial Member:

An area of the AVF SA forum where Commercial Members can advertise their products. Regular members of the forum are able to respond to these posts in the relevant Board.

Definition of the Commercial Members:
A member of the forum is considered a Commercial Member where said member has a commercial interest in advertising products on the forum. This is different to regular members using the classifieds as a Commercial Member has an established (or potentially so) business in which recurring revenue is generated out of sales on the forum

As is the norm when introducing Commercial Members into a public area, we need to make sure that not only are the interests of regular forum members considered, but also those of the Commercial Members. In trying to ensure that this is the case, we at AVF SA have thought it prudent to lay down a few key guidelines for Commercial Members to adhere to in the interests of harmony between said members and regular forum members. Likewise, certain steps have been taken to protect the interests of Commercial Members in the Commercial Member Board.

Please note that these guidelines are neither absolute nor static. We consider the new Commercial Member Board to be experimental and it should be understood that guidelines will need to be revised in order to remain relevant. We cannot consider all possible eventualities at this early stage, so it is only reasonable to expect changes over time.

While AVF SA is by no means a legal entity, it is administrated and wholly owned by a legal person. It remains the prerogative of said person to manage the AVF SA forum in such a way as he sees fit. There is no revenue, direct or otherwise, expected for the privilege to use the Commercial Membersí Board. Therefore, there cannot be any guarantees expected in the form of uptime, potential sales or that the Commercial Membersí Board  will even remain in future.

The Commercial Membersí Board is made available to Commercial Members to allow focused commercial exposure to a group of enthusiasts. From an AVF SA perspective, the service is currently made available free of charge to the Commercial Member. For the privilege of using the Commercial Membersí Board, it is expected that all sales generated from the specific advertisement be accompanied with a reasonable discount as part of the sale. We will not dictate the type of discount or the method used by the Commercial Member to verify that the sale qualifies for a discount, but we will consider all complaints around a sale (should there be any) and take action should it be required.

To protect the Commercial Members and to prevent the Commercial Membersí Board from becoming polluted by off topic comments from regular members, we originally decided to only allow Commercial Members to post in the Commercial Membersí Board. In the light of several requests we have had from Commercial Members, this has been changed so that potential clients may now respond to messages posted by the Commercial Member. It should be noted that regular members can also post about advertisements in other areas of the forum, good or bad. It is AVF SA policy not to delete posts (unless it is in breach of the laws governing South Africa) and Commercial Members should understand that negative posts about their products elsewhere on the forum will not be deleted. AVF SA has always been representative of the members and will not edit content to be in contrast with the essence of the forum.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the content of AVF SA is made from contributions from the many members that frequent the forum. As such, the owner of AVF SA cannot be held responsible for the content that is on the forum. The moderators will, however, make sure that content does not contravene the laws of South Africa.

Lastly, the owner of AVF SA reserves the right to remove the Commercial Membersí Board from the AVF SA site completely should he see fit to do so. It is in the interests of Commercial Members to use the Commercial Membersí Board in a responsible manner and to ensure that using it does not affect the AVF SA forum in any negative way.

As mentioned earlier, these guidelines will be amended over time as the Commercial Member Board matures. We will make such amendments available to Commercial Members as they are made.

Should you have any queries around the Commercial Membersí Board  (or any other queries for that matter) please do not hesitate to contact us.

Should you find the terms and conditions acceptable, please copy and paste this Agreement in its entirety onto your Company letterhead, sign it and return to the Admin Team at the email address below. Please supply us with a Company Heading and a brief line or two of advertising blurb that we can use to describe your company.

Kind Regards,

The AVF SA Admin team.


EDIT: Commercial Members Agreement updated.


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