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Couch used as a bass trap

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Hey guys

The wife and I have bought a new place so I am kitting it out with new equipment and new furniture

Now before I install anything permanently I want to treat the room properly (lounge will be used as the theatre). Acoustic panels are being built for the walls at the moment but I'm still going to need bass traps

The problem with most bass traps though is that they are hideous and I don't like the look of circular/triangular tubes in the corners of the room. This had me thinking......I'm buying an L shaped leather couch that will span the length (well almost) of two of the walls

Could I not fill the inside of the couch with Think Pink or rigid fiberglass? The underside would then be stapled closed again with speaker cloth or something with similar properties

Is this a crazy idea or can it work? Theoretically it should

Don't think you need to stuff the couch at all. Just a normal couch converts a lot of sound energy into kinetic energy

The couch itself should have a significant damping effect, but if you are planning a listening position in that L-shaped corner couch, think twice. Your bass will be incredibly boomy in the corner. If the corner couch is meant for visitors only and you are planning your optimum listening position elsewhere, I think you are on the right track.

A big bulky couch will help contribute a bit to mid and high end absorption in your room.Being leather there will also be a fair amount of reflection apposed to having a fabric couch.. That being said couches do not have the density to really absorb much low end. I would as Hennie said have your optimum listening position elsewhere would be best. Depending on the room size having a reflective object at the back of the room is not the worst thing as long as you have a handy couch throw to cover when you are having a serous listening session.In my very humble opinion there is no escaping proper base trapping for all 12 corners not always the most practical is a home environment but at the very least have the 4 major wall corners taken care of. I would treat the room with bass traps first as bass is always a major issue.. then move on to the first reflection points...and so on untill you get the room as dead..or lively as you prefer...just a thought :)

Without derailing - is there somewhere I can read up on this sort of thing? Considering I'm doing my new room as well - and have no clue as to room treatments.


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