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Re: DIY Picture Gallery
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So last week i bought one of Godfather hand build Leach amps (some of his first build amps) . Really happy with this piece and my AR 900 series even more happy with the power. So Over the weekend i did a bit of DIY work on it.

Before pics:

After pics:
Change the screws to allen key bolts

Tap the bottem Alu plate to 8mm to screw down the Toroidal transformar with 8mm bolt

Top and Bottom steel plate cut to size and sprayed black and bake in oven the make the paint set nice and hard, waiting for a top plate we busy making with openings to let the hot air get out:

Some rubber feet to lift the amp up and make it nice and stable.

Planning to change the back Banana female plugs to this one's:

And this how she looks. Left 2mm gap open at the bottom plate just to get air in to the amp, and still need to polish the Alu cooling fins.
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Re: DIY Picture Gallery
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Some pics of a custom DIY HD650 cable at various stages of being built...

Conductors are wire stripped from some Mogami W3106

Decided to use Blue & Silver-Gray paracord for sleeving

Used the Blue paracord for LEFT channel signal wire only.  Threading takes a bit of time, but not as bad

No pictures during the braiding, so I don't break my concentration.. it went pretty quick, as I'm getting more and more used to it. 
Did take a pic before putting in the connectors though

And the final product, showcased with my Bro's HD6XX, as the color combination seemed a better fit, compared to my HD650.
Super reused my HD650 plugs.. this was the 5th and last time.  Would to get some new ones; perhaps the Furutech  FT-2PS.

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Re: DIY Picture Gallery
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repost of #44   

Unsquare and unsquare mini

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Re: DIY Picture Gallery
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repost of #44   

Unsquare and unsquare mini

I Love the speakers  :thumbs:, we need to GTG again, I'm back in town again :)

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Re: DIY Picture Gallery
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Awesome stuff ...
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Re: DIY Picture Gallery
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Love this thread :notworthy:

@JimGore -> Genius!

Disappointing photobucket has ruined the other members posts,

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Re: DIY Picture Gallery
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some earlier speaker stuff

"Stuff", he calls these masterpieces "Stuff"!
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Re: DIY Picture Gallery
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My little "Red Book DAC" - a PCM2707 based, low power USB DAC. This is the third iteration of the PCB, with an increasingly optimised component selection and ever-lower noise floor. I think this is where I'll stop for now - the fourth version would be nothing more than shrinking the components and getting the physical size even smaller (that crystal, for instance, is needlessly huge) :)

Into 32Ω I'm getting less than 0.01% THD, with a SNR of around 96 dB - very close to datasheet spec. Clean as a whistle - I'll have to build an enclosure for this one day!

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