Author Topic: ANOTHER AVR FLASH SALE... because you asked. Valid until Saturday 29/10/16.  (Read 1538 times)

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No I am not CRAZY.

I've honestly just been overwhelmed by requests to relaunch the flash sale "post payday"... So there you have it... Twisting my rubber arm now won't you?

The RX-A1050 is up a LITTLE, but other than that it is the same.

Happy Shopping...

PS: Price match/rebate for those that have purchased at a higher price over the last 10 days (since the last flash sale)... Just give me a call with your invoice number by Saturday.

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Offline Ju_dy@RT

In response to some questions - yes, we do deliver, yes some have been sold, but I still have at least one of each, and we are open untill 13:00 today.

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Guys, go pick up a bargain...the coffee's good too.
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Ummmm, i'am about due for a cup of that coffee again :coffee:
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As of late ... I think you need a double ;)

Have a great eve guys!