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Further to ongoing discussions on this topic, please indicate your interest in the above poll.
This will assist Gert and Co. in knowing what plans and arrangements need to be made. I have set the poll to let you change your vote once an indication of final price has been made as I know this is important to some.


Eish, you just full of bright ideas :D

I've got about a 100 x AD815 chips available, they make awesome headphone amps and easy as chips to implement. I will even share my design if anybody wants to run with this.

will let them go for cheap if bought in bulk


--- Quote from: gbyleveldt on August 19, 2010, 01:05:41 PM ---Eish, you just full of bright ideas :D

--- End quote ---

 :D :D not just a shitstirrer

Yahooo! This is really getting interesting!

Make it cheap Gert, Ludo et al. I'm just a starving student.

Submitted my vote


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