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Home Lan with Switch Issue

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Hi Everyone

Was hoping someone can help me with an issue I'm experiencing. I am unable to connect my PC to my home network but things like my TV and xbox connect fine. My setup is essentially like this:
PC, Xbox, TV <---> Unmanaged Switch <---> Managed Switch <---> Router

I'm stumped, as tried plugging another PC in as well and it doesn't work

Are you saying the PC does not connect to either the unmanaged and managed switch or only the managed switch?

Things to check...
1 - No VLANs configured on the managed switch
2 - No static IP or DNS configured on the PC
3 - DHCP scope on the router is setup correctly

I assume you have tried your PC using the port and cable of the Xbox or TV?

Is your pc set to. Dhcp

Compare the network settings on the two PCs.

Thanks for the help. Tried both DHCP and static protocols and another PC. Seems to be a problem with the MS networking protocol or something. Xbox not registering on the network too. Going to try PC with a Linux Live USB to confirm.


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