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Another AA-910!

Awesome!  :notworthy:


--- Quote from: oNyX on November 17, 2016, 08:28:42 PM ---Another AA-910!

Awesome!  :notworthy:

--- End quote ---

That AA-910 really works great! The internals are a little weird. It's like they shopped through the Japanese HiFi parts bin. Some of the boards are JVC (Matsushita) and some are Pioneer. The transformer is their doing (and the styling of coarse)..

Back in 1780 when Bulgaria was a lad
They were minuetting in the morning
And in the evening they were minuetting mad

si womble to your partners
Young wombles were told
If you minuetto allegreto
You will live to be old

--- Quote from: JonnyP on October 07, 2016, 07:15:50 PM --- That Marantz sure is pretty. Love the fact that someone got the little player fixed up to let the little one learn about music! My mother still has a copy of the Wombling song with my crayon scrawling attempts to colour in the picture on the back.  Sadly, the B-Side was better (Remember You're a Womble).  My brother got 'Kung-fu Fighting' at the same time (soon grabbed that one!)

--- End quote ---

A new build almost done...

Thorens TD150 MkI with an Alphason Delta tonearm. The plinth is rosewood with a 22mm base.

That looks great AR!

Mmmmm... I'm sure I have a TD150 hanging around here somewhere...   :thinking:



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