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Custom earbuds
« on: September 30, 2016, 11:30:20 AM »
I am busy fine-tuning the length of the "horn" (the horn is the long bit that goes far into the ear canal) at this stage to find out which gives me the best balance between mids and bass, I will be hitting the jackpot soon, lots of R&D. As soon as this is done, I will be ready to offer this service in SA. This is an art and it takes a lot of R&D and fine-tuning to get the most out of the earphones without messing too much with the tonal balance. What one wants is everything that is already good about the earphones but more of the good stuff such as bigger bass, smoother highs, a more open sound and a BIG sound. I am almost there and am happy to inform people here that for those who already own decent earphones, you will be very rewarded sound-wise. They don't look beautiful, but also note that these buds are add-ons.

Having custom earbuds means that they only fit your ear canal, BETTER sound isolation from within and and noise isolation  from outside. Better seal = less noise and more being served musically!

NB: These are going to be medically approved and endorsed, and won't be some backyard hobby.

Here are some pics!

My prototype, the ThinkSound ts02 with custom earbuds. The sound... MIND BLOWING!!!


After: :)

Private Message me if interested?

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