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Norah Jones - Not too late

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Has anyone purchased this yet ? I'm busy d/loading the torrent (flac encoding) to see if I like and then will buy original if good but just wondering if anyone else had bought it yet ?

Gliding Dutchman:
Go ahead - it is stunning! Look for the delux edition with sample DVD included.
The sonics are breathtaking and the songs is very good indeed!


Well my FLAC torrent died so i had to resort to a 192kbps mp3 torrent and indeed the album is a good one. more blusey/jazzy and less country. Will def be buying.

Must get this one by the sounds of it :)

Though perhaps a bit like many musos, once a formula works it stays.....
At the risk of getting flamed for my first post out here I think one only needs one NJ album, any one will do I think, they are quite similar......

Another few that fall in to this category for me is Fourplay, Lee Ritenour, Bob James (there is a link here), Patricia Barber,  Mrs Costello.....

I like all the above but they have not really pushed the envellope every time they release something....


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