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Shunyata New Hydra DENALI Series
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Available in SA - July 2016

Designed to perfect the listening experience, the NEW Denali Series power conditioners
incorporate the absolute latest technologies from Shunyata Research

• First-in-the-industry vertical design offers a sleek look while saving much-needed audiophile
rack space.
• Tower models feature an integrated base platform that provides vibration isolation while maintaining a
solid foundation.
• The innovative Cable Cradle secures the power cable preventing cable droop while ensuring reliable
electrical connection.
• Each outlet has a vibration absorbing system.
• All chassis panels and internal components are treated with vibration dampening materials which improve subtle detail andmusical nuance.

The latest technologies from Shunyata Research reduce high-frequency interference for clear signals and cleaner sound.
CCI Medical Grade Filters
• CCI filters isolate each component from one another.
• These are advanced versions of the CCI filters originally developed for medical and scientific applications.
NIC v2 — Noise Isolation Chambers
• Next generation NIC v2s are smaller and yet more efficient than the previous generation.
• Noise Isolation Chambers reduce Megahertz to Gigahertz interference and are exclusive to Shunyata Research.
Patent No. US 8,658,892

• New QR/BB technology dramatically eliminates any sense of dynamic compression that is often heard when an amplifier is connected to a power conditioner. Dynamics are actually improved when the amplifier is connected to the DENALI even when compared to a direct connection to the wall outlet.
Patents pending.
• The advanced electromagnetic breaker combined with massive 8 gauge internal wiring maximizes instantaneous current delivery to all components.


“With the final step of placing the mapping computer on the
Shunyata Research system, both resolution and noise were
improved to a level that I have never seen.”
~ Dr. Daniel Melby: Director of Electrophysiology, Abbott Northwestern Heart Hospital
Shunyata Research Online:
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Re: Shunyata New Hydra DENALI Series
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This is serious power conditioners. There is new uses in medical practices.
Very sofisticated technology.
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Re: Shunyata New Hydra DENALI Series
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Mmm that 6000/T will go nicely with my current setup. Im sold on Shunyata for life!

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Re: Shunyata New Hydra DENALI Series
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More news.....Some of Robert Harley's comments about the HYDRA DENALI Series

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Re: Shunyata New Hydra DENALI Series
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From Robert Harley in the current TAS Hi-End Buyers Guide
Spring 2017 Buyer's Guide, Issue #267

Shunyata Research HYDRA DENALI Series: 2000T, 6000S, 6000T
These new AC conditioners from Shunyata take what was already the state-of-art in AC conditioning to a new level. The DENALI models are based on noise-isolation technology Shunyata developed for medical imaging equipment. The sonic result is even quieter backgrounds, which allow for resolution of the finest micro-detail. These low-level cues are vital for a sense of timbral and spatial realism, which are areas where the DENALI models excel. The DENALI 2000T ($2995) offers two high-current outlets; the DENALI 6000T ($4995) provides six-outlets (four source/pre-amp and two high-current) in a new vertical form factor. A unique AC cable support system provides a much more secure coupling between AC cords and socket. The DENALI 6000S ($3995) is a shelf version with virtually identical internal parts and performance to the 6000T. It's surprising just how much better the DENALI system is than Shunyata's TRITON. RH's Reference. Review forthcoming.

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