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Re: Wiring a DPDT Switch
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dude! thanks for catching that!
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Re: Wiring a DPDT Switch
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Any reason you've swapped live and neutral coming out the switch?

The manual for the F5 is here - check on the last page, there's a schematic for the power supply.

Papa Pass used a thermistor between the two transformer halves to limit inrush current (I found I was popping fuses randomly a lot with standard NTC 10 on my F5 builds, so put in a slightly larger one).

The 0V centre of the rails was then referenced to chassis ground (which is connected to earth) through another thermistor.

Ja, I concur. I had the same issue, with a lower value thermistor installed. So, rather get a higher valued one, as suggested by d0dja.

Enjoy the build!

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