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--- Quote from: fredeb on July 04, 2016, 07:00:52 PM ---...... Which makes me wonder about valves testing better than 100% ( people state 120/130/140% on Fleabay ) . Is the valve not out of spec then ? ( if tested as , say , 130 % )

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This was overlooked 'in all this excitement' (as Dirty Harry told the baddy just before he blew his head apart):


Folks unfamiliar with valves (or transistors for that matter) seem to think that >100% is an improvement. Apart from showing up perhaps gas, it simply becomes a different valve, which may or may not work in a particular application. Operating conditions (voltage, current, grid bias) might not be suitable, and in extreme cases lead to non-operation or destruction of something. (One might as well claim that a transformer tested 'better than 100%' and is therefore fine, if the 6,3V heater voltage measures 7,3V!).

Just as a matter of interest and being new to valves.. 6H30pi valves.. are there only Sovtek and Electro Harmonics available in these? Have not been able to find anything different..


Kent Kassler:

--- Quote from: Triton on July 11, 2016, 06:32:48 PM ---Hi Ampdog

The fact that they advertise the valves  - ( The tube withstands accelerations of 2,5 g at 50Hz for lengthy periods and momentary shocks of 500g for short periods.) I would like to know what the sound pressure would be at 50hz to produce 2.5g of shock. Snake oil?
Ok so being the sucker and skeptic that i am i bought 2 of the EAT cool valves Diamond 6922. Once i got them it did not start off so well. One of the valves had thinner pins than the other and seemed like a softer copper. This caused hissing and popping and thrown the amp into protection mode.. Mailed EAT direct and asked about this as they have such high standards as advertised. They just came back with asking for a proof of purchase and from which country. 3 mails later (not hearing back from them) i contacted the dealer and asked for a replacement. That's 2 weeks ago, the dealer still waiting to hear from the EAT team about the replacement. You would think to dish out 5k for 2 valves the service would be better...
In the mean time i also bought 2 Telefunken 6922 NOS tubes at about a 1/4 of the price of the EAT valves..
Going to be interesting to put them up against each other...that is if i get a replacement EAT valve.

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Wow!.....more snakeoil bullshiit floods Audiophilia. ...hide the mediocrity in glued on heatsink and away we go.....unbelievable and yet so real.....who may I ask sells these gems here in the Cape Triton?

Hi Kent

Just google - eat cool valve ecc88 in South Africa and the dealers name will pop up. Don't want to go name and shame as yet..even though i want to as he pulled a Houdini on me not answered any of the 10+ emails sent..

I finally got a response from EAT

They said the dealer has not bought from them in a long time so the tubes will be out of warranty anyway. 6 months as advertised by EAT.
They will however offer me new tubes at a discounted price... :nutter:

All I know is that NOS Tungsram ECC82's are the best 12au7 type tubes of all the different ones I tried in my CJ PV12.


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