Author Topic: REMEDYTEC 11 YEAR - 11 DEAL - 11am PROMO - The rules and lowdown.  (Read 997 times)

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Ok Gentlemen... BRACE yourselves!!  This week marks our 11th Birthday and as such we have decided to launch a ...

11 year - 11 deal - 11am promo - 11 year - 11 deal - 11am promo -11 year - 11 deal - 11am promo
This is how it will work-

1) I will announce a STUPID promo (in a separate post, and on my facebook page) every afternoon for 10 week days.
2) Stock in each instance will be limited.
3) If you are interested, you need to phone me or be @ our showroom @ 11am the next morning.  No sooner. No reservations prior.
4) It will be first come first served.
5) Irrespective if the items sell or not, the deal is only valid for ONE HOUR.
6) If nobody has claimed it by 11:59:59am, the deal will laps. Not because we do not love selling to you ;), but because doing so indefinitely at the price mentioned will definitely not be in our best interest.
7) Walk in will be safer, but telephone/eft/shipping orders are welcome as long as you pay within the hour. If you can't get through to our telephone line 011 869 7755 or 011 867 7755 - somebody obviously beat you to it. Keep trying.

Make sense? If you have any questions, send me a PM and I will gladly answer and if warranted load the FAQ here.


First one to be announced this afternoon- valid tomorrow morning.