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Re: South African DJ/producer Nora En Pure #1 on beatport chart
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Impressive, link to the track so we can have a listen?
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Re: South African DJ/producer Nora En Pure #1 on beatport chart
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I'll get to it. I can't remember what is on soundcloud...I'll check, but I have some remixes by her that I downloaded a while ago.
She tends to be...more on the commercial techno side of house, not quite what I like.

She is based in Switzerland, she was here recently on holiday, fb posts with heart emoticons sayng how happy she was to be home.  :)
One guy I know on fb, a "semi- home studio producer", was so surprised to find out she is South African, he said "Now i am even more impressed."

Nice interview here - good photos, live performance video, full HD size. Interesting wrt some technical stuff and audio file resolution:

When it comes to Swiss-based DJ Nora En Pure, “rocking the house” takes on an even deeper meaning. Her massive club hits Come With Me and U Got My Body throb and sway with an amalgamation of all the right deep house and trop house tropes. Her latest master mix, Saltwater (2015 Radio Rework), expertly juxtaposes vocal and guitar samples from Spandau Ballet’s eternally pleading 1983 new-wave ballad, True.

Nora, who was born in South Africa, will soon be spinning her own brand of house magic at Coachella...

I’ve also heard flutes in some of your work. Does that come from your classical background, your rock background, or both? Do you have plans to remix and/or cover a Jethro Tull song someday?

(laughs) Nice question! ..... I also played the flute while I was growing up, but in my tracks, I mainly use it to give a bit an exotic flare. I think songs of Jethro Tull are not meant to be remixed or remade. They are all so unique that it would be a waste of time to even try to make it better than Ian already did!

What do you think about high-resolution audio, both in terms of recording quality and playback?

I think much of these things are way overrated. We sometimes sample from low-quality records and bit-crush our sounds down to 8-bit and stuff, and then some people want to insist on having 24-bit quality only of a song that maybe contains an 8-bit mono sample from an old ’50s record! That makes absolutely no sense. So I record in 16-bit quality, as this is the quality I deliver to my label upon their request.

I hear you. So are you cool with streaming services like Spotify? Do you feel artists are finally getting compensated properly in the streaming universe, or could it be better?

Spotify is a very good thing, in my opinion. The life expectation of a song extends with streaming. Before streaming, a track sold during a time of 2-4 months. After that, it disappeared from the market and didn’t sell anymore.  With streaming, we have the chance to make — even if we are talking about very small amounts — revenues even in 10 years from now. And now we’re not only getting paid from the direct purchase, but also from the consumption of a song.

I think that’ll get even better as time marches on; it has to. How do you personally listen to music these days?

Since I am so used to working with all the platforms, I often listen to SoundCloud in the background while working on other things. But to enjoy music and relax, I often listen only to classical music that we have at home on CDs.

Do you feel South African music influenced you as an artist?

South Africa has its own kind of house. When I’m there, I enjoy listening to it sometimes, but in general, South Africa has many other precious sounds to offer besides house music. What has probably inspired me the most are the sounds out in nature — the positivity in people, and that feeling that overwhelms you when you are in the middle of the wilderness.

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Re: South African DJ/producer Nora En Pure #1 on beatport chart
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Re: South African DJ/producer Nora En Pure #1 on beatport chart
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not that its my favourite Genre but i do have some of that Beatport stuff in my collection and IMHO for her to climb above DJ Tiesto to get to that perch is absolutely mind boggling .... so extremely well done to her  :thumbs:

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Re: South African DJ/producer Nora En Pure #1 on beatport chart
« Reply #5 on: June 02, 2016, 10:14:11 AM »
Following her on sound cloud some sick tunes! Makes me lus for the party days again.
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Re: South African DJ/producer Nora En Pure #1 on beatport chart
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 :thumbs:  You can follow me there too, :P I post a lot of good stuff.  Deep house, soulful house, jazzy house, some tech house.

Nore En Pure, this is the track I like most:

(I see that's a clip, 3:28, the full track is 5:47, but no record of where I got it, I checked the mp3 tag.)
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Re: South African DJ/producer Nora En Pure #1 on beatport chart
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Nora En Pure drops her funkiest tune to date – ‘Convincing’
August 10, 2016 By IDM Reports

South African born Nora En Pure has just dropped her latest single and it is a really funky little number bound to get the hips swaying on the dancefloor.

Her latest tune is called Convincing and it’s out on the Enormous Tunes imprint.  Convincing has a real feel-good vibe to it and seems well times for the summer clubbing season of Europe.

Nora En Pure already has an impressive back catalogue of tunes under her belt and this certainly adds a new dimension to what one can expect from the producer/DJ perhaps known more for her deep house cuts.

She performed a 3-city tour to South Africa in March this which was a successful return for her.  The Cape Town leg was at Shimmy Beach Club and we were there. She really knows how to work a crowd and has an amazing following in both the mother city and nationwide.

Nora En Pure / Convincing has a rolling bassline, electric guitar licks, organ swells and soulful vocal hooks, while still exuding a laidback energy, indicative of her previous works.

Road-tested and ready…

It’s a groove-inducing number that has been road tested in her notorious live sets and recent BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix, bound to enchant fans all across the globe throughout upcoming months.

For the last 6 months, Nora En Pure has spread her Purified blend of electronic music right around the world. Summer so far has seen her play a flurry of dates, including PRISM on the terrace at Omnia, Las Vegas and Webster Hall NYC’s brand new party concept, GOTHAM. Continuing her summer residency at the world’s largest club, Privilege Ibiza, every Monday night for EDX’s No Xcuses, Nora En Pure proves that there is no rest for the wicked as she takes the world by storm.