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I am the now proud owner of the bespoke 300B SE. This is perhaps beside the point, but I must tell all the sceptics out there that it is probably the best buy I have made in a long time. Pretty she aint, but I still have to hear the amp that will beat it in my current setup.

Well done!! Love it, love this forum. I found my dream speakers because a fellow forumite happen to walk into a little shop and saw "Silverbacks" , mentioned it on the forum, and they were mine a couple of hours later!!

Thought I will just mention it. Lekker man

Keep the good deals coming. Let the sun shine on others..

That was me and damn if I new you would've bought them up so fast I would've bought them and re-sold them to you..  :giggle: only kidding. How you enjoying them?

It gives me great pleasure if I can find a bargain and pass it on to someone else even if I Don't make a single cent out of it.

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Andre has named this behaviour the " HEINDRIECHT MANOEUVRE"

Upping a set price is wrong especially by those of us who knows the product...Some of us buy stuff at a bargain and resell at a SMALL profit....we know what we pay and what markup is reasonable..even if replacement is triple..that way we pass the bargain on to forum members...if one feel he can and wants much more ,there's  the Tree or O.
We use to be gentlemen here .

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....for the record,it was my twisted way to bump her. ....the price paid was the original price advertised:) case anybody was wondering.
I can't tell you how pleased (and relieved) I am that you are happy with the amp JJ.....I was nervous as hell knowing it was no small outlay and required a big leap of faith.
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Our friend at Epiphany ups his price when he realise it'sto low and theres to much interest...I thought you named it after him. :giggle:

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Can only laugh at this thread.

A point of reference - there is sale thread that started at a slightly negotiable price, which then got dropped by 30%.

Then somewhere around the time of the 300b "price increase" & sale the item was restored back to original asking price.

It is now for sale at original asking price less 40%.  :ROFLMAO:

Supply & demand folks, supply & demand!
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I don't see anything wrong with increasing the price, nor do i see anything wrong with dropping the happens everyday in  our world we living in . Petrol going up then coming down food prices going up but never comes down  :point: car prices going up ,even dealers are prepared to give you a discount just to make a sale. Even diamond prices goes up and then down the same with gold.
Its either you buy or you don't ,the money is yours the product is mine i can ask what ever i want to. ;)
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It seems Jozua has never bought a bargain in his life before, poor guy.
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If you put up something for sale , one expects that you want to actually sell it.
If its not selling its not cos its too cheap.its not selling cos its too expensive for the market
Advice to up the price will not help selling it
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I don't understand Italian, but I understand this thread perfectly:
Whilst Nidri takes reasonable care to ensure that the information in this message is correct and up to date, this might not always be the case. Nidri does not give any warranties as to the accuracy and safety of any information appearing in this message.

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Maybe you should re-read my earlier post...


I have no problem when a person rolling in money puts up a bargain for sale.  To that seller the item has little value.

I do get concerned when an item unknown to the seller is blatantly under-priced.  You often see it happen with older folk.

I resent seeing fat cat buyer’s push for even lower prices when the seller is in financial distress and in desperate need of money.   

What is a good sale ? Maybe if nobody walks away feeling exploited.



Hopefully you will understand that I am not opposed to buying and selling bargains or' making fair profit or passing on a good deal.

If someone willingly and in full understanding sells an item at rock bottom prices, I am fine with that. My problem is the bargains where a seller has been blatantly exploited.

The fact that some items in the classifieds are sold for less than elsewhere in the world is just a bonus. We very lucky ! Please have a look at the international Dollar price for some of the items advertised here (add transport and duties) and compare with the advertised Rand value and you will see what I mean.  Manley Monoblocks for R70k ?? Try buying the same equipment from a dealer...

It is no wonder that RJ and others are exporting items that were bought on this forum. Full credit to them !
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A real audiophile will eventually end up with the ARC Ref stuff..

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What a useless thread. Everyone appears to be in agreement.
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They're all wrong.  There, I fixed it.
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JR - er - I mean: RJ, -

No, you have not .....

You often see it happen with older folk.

There. An expert has spoken. Always thought I was charging too little for my amplifiers and refurbishings ....

But to me - yes: asking prices that go up and down - keep in mind that with the [lowly or otherwise] money earned, the seller must go buy stuff at the mercy of said market shenanigans. He must sail the same rough seas created by - sorry  :banned: ....  So if the price of the seller desired VA Umptidump has just increased by 40%, he can be excused for then upping the selling price of his offerings as well.

I think it is fair to expect that a potential seller has first informed him/herself of a ball-park price to charge. If not ....  Sorry, but present times they be a-coming with the territory (climate, government). Yes, in a severe case I might tell the prospective seller that the price is off-normal (up or down).

 But then Jozua has warned that we older folk are not too good at business ....
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