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1. The subject line must clearly state what you are selling and in this order. Start with the type of item you are selling (i.e. Speakers, or Complete system, or Amplifier) Then the brand (i.e. Mission, or Sansui, or B&W, or DIY) Last, the model number (i.e. MX4 or AU-111) Example - Integrated amplifier: Nad 310

2. In the body of your advert the following must appear first.

3. Description. Here you give more detail about what you are selling and anything else you would like to say about your item, specs, reviews, links, etc.

4. Picture. Pictures are not compulsory, but it is preferred you post one.  It must state if it is the actual item, or if it is a picture from the Internet.

Feeler adverts are not allowed.

Below is a sample of what a classified advert should look like:

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