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New Products for 2016 ?

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Any new products for 2016 ?

Super, high performance transducers.



--- Quote from: Jozua on December 27, 2015, 10:34:38 PM ---Any new products for 2016 ?

--- End quote ---

Hi Jozua! Forgive the delay in answering, just had to go to the mountains for a few days to clear my head. Signal not so good around here, back just after Jan 2nd.

And you need what from this workshop? Do tell and I make...

Actually been sucking on the old thumb some and yes, there is a "new" Genesis 21st Anniversary which has now been running with two customers already, with a 3rd almost done. These three are actually just modifications to the standard units, with the "real" release only planned for around March 2016. Upgrade includes reduction in valve count, better application of the balanced volume control, reduction in noise etc...

Coinciding with this, a brand new integrated loosely based on a Gen Pre and Black Widow power @ 300/channel at 8 ohm with true doubling to 600 into 4 ohm. Many guys have space constraints and prefer a one box solution. Requests have been made.

There might be one more, but going to be very busy next year so shall see about that.

I still await your entry into Headphone amplification  :rubhands:

I second that  :notworthy:
A nice valve hybrid pre\headphone amplifier could be very very interesting !!!!


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