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On the doktors table.

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Yes. Doktor is spelt wrong  ;)

This thread is just a little running log of some of the stuff that comes past my workbench that might (or might not) be of interest to you...

Linn LP12 serial #66054

On the doktors table: Linn LP12 serial #66054 with Linn Lingo power supply and Ekos tonearm. This one came in for a full service. I have fitted new grommets, springs, fender washers, p-clip and a new Linn neoprene belt. Fully setup with Linn Troika cartridge.
Lovely sounding table that is beyond the middle rungs of the long Linn LP12 ladder.

Post more ,  become a sticky 😄..


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Post more ,  become a sticky 😄..

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Hehe, I am not sure a sticky would be necessary  :cool:

Of course not everything I do is 'high-end'. I get lots of stuff in that people want me to 'maak 'n plan'... They are happy to just see the bear dance and don't care if the bear sucks at the fandango.

This one came in this week all the way from Upington. The fellow and his lovely wife were here on holiday and took the opportunity to bring their turntable, amplifier and speakers in for a full service.
All the amplifier needed was a good clean both on the inside and the outside. For the speakers we opened them up and fixed one dry joint on the crossover and changed the brittle cables with some new cabling. We also fitted new Din speaker connectors.
The turntable was a bit of a challenge... Everything was great except for the tonearm... The back stub had broken off and the v-blocks were toast...
Since the man was in a bit of a rush, getting v-blocks from the internet was not an option. Plan b. Fit a tonearm from a scrap ADC turntable I had... As you can see from the picture the ADC tonearm is exactly the same as the Linn Basik LVV except it didn't have a nice boss and collar. I managed to modify a collar from a scrap Lenco B52 tonearm to fit the ADC tonearm. The ADC arm also had a broken arm-rest and a broken lifter. Not a problem. Just use the original Lenco L75 lifer and rest... Job done, sorted!
Sounded great!



I have this Linn LP12 from Montagu, will bring it to you for its Christmas brush-up.  I doubt its been touched for 25 years


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