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Not sure if anybody has experienced the change in recent months for imported CD's?

Over many years I have bought 50+ CD's at various times from eBay and Amazon UK.  These used to get delivered to the house mailbox. No charges were ever levied.  Recently each CD is being levied with a R24 charge when I collect at my local Post Office in Rondebosch.  Is this a symptom of the revenue shortfall and tougher/stricter SARS collections?

Has anybody else had to start paying recently?  Is R24 the correct charge?

I once bought a Meridian DAC used from Australia. It was delivered to my door on a Saturday by the post office - no charges were levied.


The customs inspection fee is a standard fee, perhaps mostly due to the increase in postal items from sources such as "wish".

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Up until now you have just been lucky.  Anything with a commercial value is eligible for Customs evaluation and the evaluation carries a fee.  Typically at least import vat is levied as well. 

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