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Re: Center speaker placement woes
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I have the same wharfdales i think, whats your thoughts on them?
Sorry, saw you post only now.

They are a bit power hungry (IMO), as I need to have my Onkyo 828 on 50 (relative volume?) for normal stereo video watching. I use them only for TV & movies and I'm really happy with them. They are nice and bassy, but the extra sub-woofer helps with giving movies that extra punch.

Music wise they sound very tinny ("blikkerig") when compared to my NAD/Technics stereo setup.

I have very limited exposure to other speakers, but for the price I can't fault them.

We bought 2 sets at the time, with 4 Wharfedale Diamond 9.1, me thinks. I was fortunate enough to swap my Diamonds for my brother's Obsidian surrounds, and I'm sort-off in process to change over to 7.1.

What's your take on them?
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Re: Center speaker placement woes
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pretty much the same as yours  :giggle:
currently using it in 3.1 configuration till i can get my wiring done in the ceiling for the rears.
Managed to pick up a pair of wharfedale dfs bipoles as well, so hoping to get 7.1 goodness too.